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First Golf Ball without a Handicap

The first golf ball without a handicap is what Spalding claimed on the sleeve box when they introduced the Tour Edition ball.

According to an NY Times article published in February 1986, ” Spalding, has spent the last five years and $5 million producing a cover material it calls Zinthane. It put it on a new ball, the Tour Edition, aimed at better players. It is being priced at $32 a dozen, highest on the market (balls usually sell for between $9.95 a dozen and $28), but Spalding says the ball outperforms balata while resisting cutting.”

Here were the main “talking points” of the value proposition for buying the highest price ball on the market in the Spring of 1986; soft Zinthane BX cover; spin rate of a balata ball; pro preferred trajectory; and superior durability compared to a balata ball.

Funny isn’t it, the marketing hype of a today’s golf ball is not that much different than 35 years ago; Spin rate and trajectory!

Ever play one, remember playing a balata ball? Played the Tour Edition 100, but could not tell you a thing about it except I still have a sleeve 35 years later. Balata ball, duh, if you played golf in the 60s, yes; was there alternative?

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